Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Day in Bø, Norway

Well, here is my first day in Norway. In the past two days, I have crossed 7 time zones, 2 continents, and have been in 4 countries. Wow! I am currently writing this from my apartment situated on a hill in Bø, Norway. After I flew into the airport in Sandefjord, Norway, I was extremely relieved when I saw Fay and Kine waiting for me there. I took some pictures on the ride from the airport to Kine's house where I stayed my first night in a little guest house that they had in the back. They are currently up on my facebook profile and if mom or I get some time, we'll try to put some more on here too. I was fortunate to be able to practice my Norwegian with Kine and her parents who were extremely kind and generous to me. I know I still have a long way to go with my Norwegian, but where else can I practice it all the time. It is still very difficult for me to understand the native speakers and it is getting spoken all around me, but they have said that the few answers I have given in Norwegian have been pretty good. It was an interesting experience at the grocery store today with trying to understand all the food labels and see all the new brands and types of food. Tomorrow is my first scheduled event. I have a meeting with all the other international students here on campus. Hopefully I will get to meet some Americans (or any native English speaker) there and they will be in the same boat as I am with my Norwegian so we can struggle together. :) Maybe I will write some more tomorrow, but I am still trying to let everything sink in.

On the Fjord near the Atlantic Ocean in Stathelle (where Kine and Fay are from)

On a dock in the Stathelle Fjord

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