Monday, October 11, 2010

Back from Oslo

Happy Monday all! I made it back from Oslo last evening smoothly. Traveling seems like it takes so much out of you! I got almost 12 hours of sleep last night after the short train ride. I never realized how close I actually was to the capital city. I might wind up going up there again some time and seeing more things. In Oslo, we saw the Royal Family's Palace, the Viking Ship Museum, Edvard Munch's Art Museum, Vigeland's Park, the ski jump, as well as many other sigh seeing things to go along with them. I also got to see the US Embassy and took a picture of it and walked away quickly. :) It was probably the most secured building in Norway and was located really close to the Palace. The weather was pretty nice for our whole stay there, but it was got to be pretty chilly during the evenings. The bus system is really good in Oslo too. We all bought 24 hour tickets so we just hopped on them anytime we were going very far.
Over all, I think I liked Bergen more than Oslo because the city seemed like it was more compact and I never had to walk very far to get to see what I wanted. Both cities were really clean though and there were never that people on the streets. For food, we just went to a grocery store and got some things and made them at the hostile/hotel. It was not too expensive to do this, but I kinda wish we would have went out to eat at a restaurant once, but maybe next time.
This week is pretty much my fall break. I had one class today and my teachers canceled my other ones. So I am hoping to be able to make good progress on my Norwegian paper as well as the paper that I have to write for my Ecophilosophy class. I also have to remember to prepare for a presentation in Norwegian on Knut Hammsun. Hopefully I will soon find out how I did on my Film and Fiction final too. I hope it went well and that they post the grades online.

Fall colors from my window

One of the three ships in the Viking Ship Museum

Vigeland's Park

Edvard Munch's "The Scream"

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