Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally Time for a Break

Well, it has been a rough last two weeks, but I have finally made it through them. In the past week I have completed two exams, got a good start to my Norwegian paper, read a novel in 3 days and accomplished a lot more too. And now it is defiantly a good time to have a break. :) Next week is like fall break for us. It is not technically put on by the college, but the area middle and high school have the time off and it just so happens that the teachers like to have time off now too. I wasn't going to say no. :D
But today I had my first official exam/final for my Modern Film and Fiction class. It went alright and I ended up writing four pages about the book that I read in three days. I hope that I do alright and it helps that my first language is English too. This class was only a seven week one so that is why we are done already. I am glad to have that off my plate now. But getting back to the exam. It had to have been the most strict thing I have ever done. Even more so than doing the state testing in middle school! It was crazy! We had to turn off our cell phones and they had to be left in our bags. (I don't have one, so this didn't affect me.) Then we had to leave our book bags, coats and all that other stuff at the front of the room. We also had to leave our student IDs on the desk the whole time. Plus we had two "guards" as she called them, watching us the whole time and accompanying us to the bathroom if we needed. This is really weird coming from Luther since we go by an honor policy and the teachers are not even allowed in the room when we are taking an exam. I personally thing that they go way to far with this. I like the Luther way more because they put the trust in the students. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I think cheaters are just cheating themselves by not knowing the information that they need to know. What ever, it is just a different cultural thing.
On a more exciting note, I will be traveling to Oslo this weekend with some friends. One from the Untied States and the other two from Canada, eh? :D It should be a lot of fun, but I just have to blend in the best I can since Europe is now under a travel advisory. Not much fun, but now I just won't be able to go see the embassy. Also, my study abroad advisor at Luther said to stay away from links to America such as McDonalds and Starbucks. Who would have thought, but it does make sense. But we will still have fun going to museums and stuff. I will have to let you know how it goes after I get back here Sunday night. We are taking the train again. I like the train system here and I wish that we had one between Decorah and home. :)
The fall colors are starting to arrive and I will have to get some good pictures for you guys. The trees here are mostly pine or birch, so there are not as many colors as in the Midwest, but it still looks neat. I am guessing the train ride to Oslo will reveal a lot of nice scenery too. I guess that is it for now, what else should I talk about?


  1. Take extra batteries and tons of pictures


  2. Glad your exams, papers, classes seem to be going well. Good job. The 'security' on the exam seemed extreme, but U.S. colleges could probably learn something from it. You would be surprised how many people in college flunk ethics. And how many in the real work world who think nothing of cheating, lying, stealing, etc. Would be great if colleges started to enforce ethics instead of 'trusting' students on an honor system - as many students/adults do not know right from wrong these days.

    Oslo - wow! I just read a great article on the city while waiting at a dentist office for Carl having work done. They have great museums, beautiful architecture, wonderful culture. Hope you enjoy.

    Eaten all those potatoes yet? I forgot to mention baked potatoes - have a microwave? Works just as well as an oven. Can stuff potatoes with practically anything - cheese, veggies, meat - and make lots of different delicious meals. Of course this is coming from someone who grew up on meat and potatoes!

    Looking forward to Oslo pics. Keep blending in as a Russian so you don't look like you're from the U.S. and your travels should go well!

    Sharon and Carl