Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snow in Norway

This is more what Norway should look like. At least in my mind. I took all these pictures on my way to class the morning after it snowed, Oct. 22nd.

This is my school.

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  1. How beautiful! Do they get MAJOR DRIFTS like in WI? Snow looks so cool, but is usually just a pain unless you are a kid with a snow day off! Is going to be in the 70's tomorrow in WI - probably the last time this year!
    I was sitting in a dentist office for 4 hours waiting for Carl a week or so ago - while you were in Oslo - reading about Oslo in 'Dwell' magazine ( Great article and pics of Oslo - loved the new Opera House - looked like a glacier with ski slopes down to the water! Didn't realize they had a King - Harald V? Did you see the Royal Palace - at Henrik Ibsens Gate 1? And what's with the 'gates'? i.e. the pool and fountains of Eidsvoll Square at Stortingsgata & Rosentrantz Gate; the "greenward" that runs parallel to Oslo's Grand Boulevard Karl Johans Gate - between Slottsparken & Fred Olsens Gate; etc.! Anything sound familiar?! It talked of the museums with 'impeccably preserved' Viking ships - thanks for the pic of that! Was glad you were able to explore the sites! Glad I found the article - very interesting! Enjoy the snow :)

    Cousins Sharon and Carl