Monday, October 25, 2010

More of Oslo for Sharon

Alright. So when I posted about my trip to Oslo a few weeks ago, I neglected to put up more pictures. So here you go. And when you see "gate" all around it can be translated to "street" in English. Karl Johans Gate is the most famous street in Oslo and it is mostly just a walking street too.

Karl Johans Gate leading up to the Palace
My favorite fountain in Eidsvoll Square

The King's Palace

The Ski Jump from the Olympics.

Another shot of Vigeland's Park


  1. I love the dandelion fountain :)

    I mailed you a care package today, hope you have it in a week or so!

  2. Thanks for the explanation of 'gates'. That is what I would have guessed. Way to play tourist! Wonderful pics. I was happy to find the article on Oslo and wrote down all that info - so I could ask you about it! Glad you were able to visit places first hand!
    More about Oslo from the article by Marc Kristal in Dwell. . . "The arts remain quite lively - the opposite of institutional. 'We' have an extremely wide, differently shaded music scene. When it comes to art, you can see a lot of things here that are rawer and younger than you see in the rest of Scandinavia. What people find interesting is that we are not well polished. Our society is more informal and therefore offers a richer opportunity for bright persons of all ages to come up with really rude things - of which there are many." :) Sounds interesting to say the least! When talking 'institutional', reference was made to Groruddalen - an older project after WWII (good, cheap housing) - "a development of housing, schools, parks, for young and poor, for the workers". Seems Norway really has it 'together'. Love the Eidsvoll Square fountains.
    Loved reading about Norway . . . wish I was there!!!

    Cousin Sharon