Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coldest November in 222 years?

Hello Readers! As you can tell by the title, it has been one of the coldest Novembers on record here in Norway and Europe in general. I was watching the news this morning and they are talking about the snow that they are getting in Spain and Portugal. It looks like it is shutting down traffic pretty much all over. I still think this is normal, but it helps that I am from Wisconsin. :)
The Thanksgiving meal went well at the school and there was a lot of mashed potatoes and turkey left over. And now that it is the last day of November, it is hard to believe that I will be going home this month! 20 more days here. I am hoping to get to Sweden sometime after I finish my exam and visit Aunt Julie's friend there. Since tomorrow is the first of December, I will finally get to open the first window of my Advent Calendar. I hope that the chocolate is good. :) It was the cheapest one at the store though. :D Yesterday I started tracking all of my money expenses for Student Support Services at Luther. I think it will be neat to see what I come up with, especially since it is in a different currency. I asked one of the lead people there if there would be a prize for spending the most money since my rent is due soon.
I have been trying to study for Norwegian off and on, but I feel like I am losing it all when I don't get to use it. I try to watch more TV and stuff like that, but I still need a lot more practice. The written exam is in less than a week now. I also have an 8-10 page paper due for Friluftsliv on Monday and a group presentation on Thursday. Hopefully it will all go smoothly. It is nice to think that these are the last things that I have to do for these classes.
O yea, last Friday, we went to Morgedal on a field trip. Morgedal is called "The cradle of modern skiing" because Sondre Norheim grew up there and he was the first to revamp this form of skiing. They actually the style "Telemark Skiing" which is named after the 'county' that I am in. Pretty cool if you ask me. We also went to a museum that had Østbye ski wax section. The tour guide pronounced it like Ostby though. Maybe there is some relation?

Østbye ski wax.

View of the valley from Sondre Norheim's house.

Sondre Norheim

The snow-covered mountains from my window this morning.


  1. The weather here hasn't been too bad yet..we had flurries this morning and that's about it! Sounds like the twin cities have been getting dumped on though so it isn't too far away from us. Mom's worried about the weather already for the day u fly into chicago but that's why we bought a SUBARU!!! Dad