Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy November!

I can't believe that it is already November! I have finished reading my Norwegian grammar book and now I only have 1.5 chapters to do in the work book and 2 more chapters to read in our regular textbook. It is weird to see things winding do this much and so quickly too. I guess it helps that I am done with regular classes by the end of November and then my last scheduled exam is December 8th. I hope that they go smoothly. Then I will have 12 days all to my self. I might try to go and track down my family in over by Bergen, but I am not 100% sure yet. I am also considering going to visit another country too. But I don't know where. 
Halloween was pretty good for me. I dressed up as a skier and when I told some Norwegians what I was, they said I should be Bjørn Dæhlie instead. He the a cross country skier from Norway and is an eight-time Olympic medalist. 
I have also met the minimum requirement in length for my Norwegian paper about "Family Life in Norway." Six pages is a lot to be typing in Norwegian. :) But I was glad to have chosen this topic and I learned a lot about Norway and learned some good Norwegian words along the way too. I just hope that the teacher likes it too. 
Last night I was also able to talk to my Norwegian classmates from home via Skype. I even got to talk to my professor for a bit. The time difference was not much fun, but I think I might see if I can listen in for the first hour just so I can practice my Norwegian as much as I can. 
Not too many other things have been going on here though. The weather is rainy again, but it is somewhat warm too. Hope you are all having a good time where ever you are. :)


  1. watch for another package, I mailed it today

  2. Isn't it great to get care packages from Mom?!? She probably doesn't send canned liver! She is such a good Mom!

    Glad to hear you are still enjoying your educational experience in Norway and passing your exams and minimum requirements! You will have to come back and teach us all some Norwegian. Wonder if your Norwegian cousins Marla and Carla speak any? Remember their 'Swiss boyfriend'? I don't recall his name, but if I see the girls, I will ask - he would be a good one to catch up with for a tour of Switzerland - if you made it out that direction. I met a lady vendor at farmer's market this year who has family in Bergen also! Small world . . . talked about your adventures in Norway. Did you realize your family and Ostbys are Norwegian, but well, the Paynter side is not at all. You all got it from your father's side (along with your height!), and we just got the Cornish/Welsh part in our family. Our mutual mother/grandmother side (Garvey/Woodward) is English and grandfather side (Tagatz) is German. Have you by any chance 'visited' any cemeteries?! A good place to look for family ancestor names - maybe in Bergen?

    Hope you get to experience more countries and more museums on your 12 days of adventures in Europe. What a wonderful once in a lifetime experience for you! Take advantage of all you can. Bet you will miss your Norwegian friends when you come back to the States. So glad you were able to become a world-wide traveler!

    Enjoy your last month and a half!

    Cornish cousin Sharon
    and Irish/Cherokee/African/Dutch cousin Carl
    (His grandpa Andy Carl Cleaves was Dutch! Carl so wants to go to the Netherlands some day to find relatives - maybe if we win the lotto!)