Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

Hello readers! How have you all been doing? I hear that snow has finally started to reach the midwest. :) I am currently getting flurries here now. This week has some ups and downs in it since it is Thanksgiving at home. It sucks that I am missing the festivities at home and getting to see family again, but the international office here has planned a Thanksgiving dinner here. It should be a lot of fun and I hope that people really enjoy it. I wish that we could celebrate other culture's holidays, but I don't know of them and one of the coordinators here is from the states so that helps. :) The temperature isn't too bad yet, but some people have really started to bundle up which surprises me. I am still in my light jacket and I don't feel like a hat is needed most of the time.

I tried to find a simple thank you note to send the people who gave me a scholarship, but nothing could be found like I wanted. I settled for a polar bear card thing. The others had cute kittens and flowers on them, but I don't think that would work quite as well. They have a lot of birthday cards here though. While at the shop where I got my card, I stumbled across some movies again. I think this has to be the final ones that I buy because they soon won't fit when I come back. I bought Mulan and a Harry Potter movie today. I already purchased Pocahontas, The Prince of Egypt and Toy Story. They are actually not that expensive. And since I am here, I thought I might as well get therm while they were on sale and I didn't have to pay to ship them to the states. I don't even know if you can do that. Anyway, my limit is five, so hopefully I will be able to hold back all temptations.

I bought an Advent Calendar at the store the other day so I am looking forward to the first of December when I can start to open up the windows. :) I didn't spend much on it so I hope the chocolate is good. I have been trying to eat down my food supply still. It is going well for the most part. I have only purchased four things this week and one was milk so that is kinda hard to make last. The milk here expires so fast too! I have had unopened milk that went sour even before its sell by date. I was pretty upset dumping that down the drain.

I am officially finished with my Telemark Regional Identity class so that is exciting for me. I have two more Norwegian classes before my exams and only one more class of both Friluftsliv and Ecophilosophy. Now if only would have know that I would be done this early when I bought my tickets! But hopefully I will be able to travel a bit. London is still a possibility, but so is Sweden. Norway would be the easiest I think, but I don't know.

I think that that is all I have for now. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and I will be eager to catch all the good online deals with Black Friday. This is where my time zone will really work to my advantage. :D


  1. Happy Turkey Day, next year you can help make lefse!

    We got a bit of an ice storm this afternoon. ick.

    tell Kine, Faye, and Nana happy thanksgiving from me.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a wonderful feast with friends in Norway. And that you found many things to be thankful for - your wonderful family back home, the great college experience you are now enjoying, even the beautiful snow and Norway scenery. Thanks to you for keeping us updated!

    Hope your final classes and exams go well and that you enjoy wherever you decide to travel to. It is great that you can get around more easily in Europe via public transportation and not have to rely on automobiles to take you everywhere like we do in the States. For a minute, we thought WI would jump into the 21st century with high-speed rail - but alas, the people here were not well educated enough to vote for progress, jobs, eco-friendly transportation, economic growth. . . Oh well. Will be a depressing 2 to 4 years for us progressives!

    But Carl and I did live in D.C. during the Reagan era and survived. Unsure how we will make it through these new dark times . . . my State employment ends in 2 weeks and am back to unemployment and job searches. Very stressful. Have a couple interviews coming up, but am one of hundreds trying to get each job, so not too optimistic.

    So much for an uplifting "comment post"!! Was trying to be positive! It hasn't snowed here yet, so are thankful about that. But sure was COLD today. High in the 20's. Time to bundle up. Carl and I had a nice quiet turkey day together. I made pumpkin pies and spaghetti squash. He cooked a small (very small) turkey breast and made his famous oyster dressing. We have lots of leftovers for the rest of this week! But enjoyed being together in a warm home and just hope and pray we will still be able to say that this time next year.

    Take care and stay warm. Better get that hat on so you don't catch cold! (Says 'Cousin Mom'!)

    Sharon and Carl