Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bergen was wonderful!

Sorry that it has been a week since I have posted, but I was waiting to have something more exciting to talk about after my trip to Bergen. So to fill you all in completely, I left for Bergen around 9am from Bø and had my first train layover about an hour later in Hokksund. It was okay because I only had about an hour to kill at the train station and the weather was nice. Then I boarded my train for Bergen around 11:30. I took a ton of pictures on the way. The train ride through the mountains was wonderful! All of my pictures are on facebook, but I will put some on here too. The train ride to Bergen lasted a little over six hours from Hokksund so overall, it took me just over 8 hours to get to Bergen.

Once I got there, I met Nana in the train station. We didn't do too much more that night, but she cooked up a great supper. Yummy! The next morning, we went to the fish market, took the Fløibanen to the top of one of the mountains to get a good view over Bergen. One of those pictures is below. After I had some camera issues, I raided the souvenir shop that they had up there. I was really glad to have gotten some things there. After we rode the Fløibanen back down, we went to McDonald's. It was by far my most expensive trip there in my life! You would think that it would be cheap everywhere you go, but that is not the case in Norway. I got a chicken nugget meal and it ended up costing me more than $13! I am glad that I don't have one close to me, otherwise it would be tempting to go there more often. Then I went and got some new batteries for my camera and didn't really have any more issues. :) After this, we went to Akvariet i Bergen (the aquarium). It was pretty neat and it wasn't too busy so we could get some good pictures. Unfortunately, the souvenir shop there was not very good so I didn't get anything.

On Monday, Nana had to go to work, so I had some time to kill around Bergen. So I went to the tourist center there and didn't really find out much. So then I went down and shopped around the fish market and when to most of the shops down by the dock. It was a lot of fun looking around in them all, but I didn't buy anything this day. For lunch, I went to Burger King and got a "cheap" cheeseburger. Then I came back to meet Nana, and we went out looking into more shops. I still didn't find anything that I wanted to buy, but I was glad to be able to see more of the town. After we came back, Nana cooked up another wonderful supper. :D

On my last day there, Nana had to work again so I went down to the center of town again. This time I had figured out what I wanted to buy from the shops and where to go. I was a real tourist on this day by raiding all the shops and finding stuff for myself as well as gift for others. I still have yet to get anything for mom. She is really hard to shop for! After this, I went back to meet Nana and say good bye. There were not very many people on the train ride back. I think it was because it was so late. I didn't leave Bergen until 4:10pm and then got to Drammen,where I had to change trains, until 11:00pm. My train there was running late and had another 40 minutes or so to kill there. Once my train came, I hopped on and felt relieved because I knew that I only had another hour and a half until I was back in Bø. It was not fun having to walk up the hill so late at night, but I feel it went by pretty fast. I got back to my room and just crashed. What a great weekend! Glad that I was able to make it over there and only miss one class. I think that is about it. If I remember anything else, I can add it later.
Train ride to Bergen.
The view of Bergen after taking the Fløibanen.

Bryggen in Bergen. (This is what I think of when someone says Bergen.)
My friend Nana and me right before I leave.

Coming back from Bergen.


  1. thanks for the update :)


  2. Hi Aaron,

    Sounds like you had a great time in Bergen - glad you were able to get away and explore a big city. Are there any art museums in the places you live/visit? I loved going to museums during my traveling days, and playing tourist like you did!

    It was great you had a friend like Nana to show you around AND cook for you! That was always a college day challenge - finding a good home cooked meal. Sure beats those EXPENSIVE McNuggets! Nana is such a beautiful young lady. Glad you were able to spend time with her while in Norway.

    Keep shopping for mom - you'll find something she likes! Enjoy your time overseas - am sure it is going by quickly. What a wonderful college experience! Carl and I are really enjoying your photo adventures! Keep on blogging!

    Cousins Sharon and Carl

  3. hey, I am not hard to shop for! Besides,I don't need anything. Just bring me one of those hazelnut candy bars =D