Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 27

Wow, it is hard to believe that it has been almost a month since my arrival in Norway. Things have still been going pretty well for me, I guess. Since thing are in full swing again at Luther, I have been getting a lot of e-mails of events that are going on. If I only was there, I would be going to pretty much all of them. I forgot how many things I actually was involved in. Since I have only had one class since my last post, I can't think of anything to say along those lines. I have a lot of free time currently so I have been listening to the radio and playing cards. Not too thrilling, but it passes the time. I am really excited for this weekend because we are going to a county fair type event  for one of my classes. I hope it is a lot of fun and maybe I can pick up some souvenir. Also, a week from Saturday, I will be heading over to Bergen to see Nana. I can't wait to go to a bigger city and just be a tourist in all aspects. I will be spending about three days there so I am hoping that I will be able to take in most all of the attractions. I guess another thing that is happening this weekend is that we are hiking Lifjell. Lifjell is the highest mountain in Telemark, the county that I am in. So that should be exciting and I will be able to get some more pictures. :)
I am still not having very good luck with the variety of foods that I have been able to make. I did see some canned liver in the store the other day. Not quite my style, but the kid on the packaging sure looked happy to be eating it. My newest mission is to find some corn syrup so I can make those peanut butter corn flake bars. The desert selection here is almost nonexistent. There are like two different kinds of brownies and waffles and I think a chocolate cake that didn't look good on the package. I think I might try to go food shopping while in Bergen since they might have a little more of a selection.
Another thing that I found kinda interesting today was that I received a coupon for Burger King. It was for a Jr. Wopper with fries and a pop. Only 49.- kroner! That is still about $10 USD so I am not seeing the real deals yet. Fast food here is probably the most expensive thing. Subs at Subway also started around $10, too. Ugh. I think I will be sticking to my pasta for now. And I just finished using up my 2.2 lbs of cheese that I bought three weeks ago for $13. I have eaten a lot of cheese! I guess that has to do with my roots as the son of a dairy farmer. :) But I am missing the beef that was alway in our freezer. I was told today that the hamburger here is nothing like the states so I am a little hesitant to spend a lot of money on it. I think I might break down and buy some chicken soon. At least then I could make chicken salad. :) But I have yet to try the hot dogs here. People have said they are better than the states. Okay, enough about food.
Yep, only 103 more days until I am back in the states. Seems like a long time now, but I think it will go fast and I am still enjoying my time here. So don't think that just because I am counting down, it is a bad sign. Have a great week!


  1. Should we send over a couple packages of hamburger patties?? They might be cooked by the time u would get them! That's why our grandparents came over here so they could raise their own beef!

  2. Hi, Aaron. I'm your Mom's blogging and facebook friend from Florida.

    I'm enjoying your blog...back when I was very young, I had a fascination with the Nordic countries. It's interesting to me to hear about the foods, too! My daughter spent some time in Estonia several years ago, and that country's number one food of choice is the hotdog. They even love hotdog soup (my daughter tried it but she's not much on hotdogs was okay, she said). You might want to give it a try once. Canned liver? I'll pass!

  3. Just wanted to say hi and that I am reading! Sounds like you're having a blast, and as for the foods, I say go for it and try them at least once, even if they are expensive! You're only there for a 103 more days and you don't want to miss your chance to buy Norwegian Hot Dogs! ;)