Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Five without classes

As you can guess by the title, it has been another week where I don't have any classes for five days. Luckily, today is my last day with having nothing to do besides homework because I have two classes tomorrow. Also, between my two classes, the school sponsors a waffle coffee hour where they have free waffles. :) Free food is always good with me. It is a major hot spot for the international students too. I took used up a little time today to go get groceries. I go across town just to buy some eggs because you can buy 18 eggs there for less than you can buy 12 at the store that is closer. It felt kinda strange going in there and just buying eggs, but since everything else there is a little more than the closer store I don't bother buying my other stuff there. It was not fun walking back up the hill to my apartment after I got all my groceries. I was trying to plan ahead so I bout a lot of the heavy stuff today. Including, milk, juice, sugar, corn syrup, canned corn, and pineapple. I know that I will use it all and since it doesn't go bad, might as well buy a bunch at a time.

This Saturday is when I will be hopping on a train to Bergen. I am really excited to be heading to a bigger city! The train ride is 9+ hours one way so I decided to go this weekend so I could stay more than just the weekend. I will be staying there until Tuesday with my friend who just graduated from Luther, Nana. I am really excited to see her and she is being so nice and letting me stay with her while I am there.

I finally finished the chocolate cake that I bought at the fair this past weekend. Chocolate is so yummy! I also discovered all the ingredients that I need to make those peanut butter corn flake bars. (Did I already talk about this? If so, you can tell that I am really excited about them!) Corn syrup rather cheap here and I think I might be the only one who buys it because when I went back to the store to get some more today, the only open spot was from where I took mine from before. I also was happy that I could read and understand the back of my Corn Flakes box too.

Hmm, what else is going on here? Since I have been in my room so much, I know that my Norwegian is not getting any better. UGH! Hopefully I can practice a bit with Nana this weekend. It is just really hard to try since everyone here speaks such great English and it is easier for them to just say it in English instead of me trying to understand. This is why I wish that we would have Norwegian class more than just once a week too. I might go talk to someone about this, otherwise, Dr. Stokker will be upset that ,my Norwegian still sucks when I get back to Luther.

I guess that's all I know for now. Hopefully after Bergen, I will be able to have something more exciting to talk about.


  1. Its almost like milprint getting 4 days off in a row!! But i don't know what that is like anymore been working alot of overtime. Hopefully it will get better soon.

  2. Your university experience sounds MUCH more exciting than mine, not boring at all! Aren't you glad you had all that cross country experience getting you ready for those hikes and the 'hill climb'? Guess you probably didn't have to carry groceries for cross country tho!?

    Have a great time in Bergen! ENJOY!

    Love reading about your adventures!

    Cousins Sharon and Carl

  3. mmm waffles :)