Sunday, September 5, 2010

Living more like a Norwegian

Wow, I can't believe that it has almost been a whole week since I have posted to this. I hope that I haven't freaked anyone out too much since I have been out of contact for a little while. I have just been busy with other things here, which is good. This past Friday, my class ended up going on a day hike to Gygrestolen. It was pretty fun and I am glad that I went and it didn't rain. The class is called 'Friluftsliv' and has to do with the strong connection between Norwegians and nature. I like it so far, mostly because we have very little homework and we go on field trips every week!
Another Norwegian experience for me this weekend was going out on a fjord with Kine and Fay's family. It was a lot of fun. Being out on the ocean is a lot like going out in a lake on a boat, but the water is a lot choppier in the ocean even when there is no wind. When I go home with Kine or Fay, they usually feed me common Norwegian dishes. :) So far, I am four for four with liking them. On Friday night, we had potatoes with cheese, corn, and meat. Yummy! Then for lunch on Saturday, we had crabs that were just caught. This was my first crab-eating experience. I think it went rather well and I like the meat in the claws the most. Then we went out on the boat and then also in a row boat. Glad they convinced me to do this. When we got back, we ate potatoes and fårikål which is lamb in cabbage. It was actually pretty good. They thought it was kinda odd that I didn't peel the skins off my potatoes. I just ate them like usual.
I am also planning a trip to Bergen soon to see Nana. Nana just graduated from Luther this past year and was actually my Norwegian tutor my freshman year. It is strange to think how far I have come. I am really looking forward to getting to a bigger city and taking the train through the mountains. It is a nine hour ride, but it will be well worth it.
Also, I set it up now so that my blog allows anonymous comments so anyone can write. Please remember your name though!

The lake that we at lunch at for our hike.
Out on the boat in the fjord.


  1. How far did u go out into the ocean? Did u just go for a ride or did u fish too?

  2. we didn't go out to far into the ocean. Just our a little way. And we just went for a ride, no fishing for me. :)

  3. I hope more people will start leaving comments