Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Rain has Returned

As you can tell by my status, the rainy days have arrived again here in Telemark. Fortunately, it didn't rain on us yesterday for our hike up Lifjell. It was a nice hike in the mountains, but I failed to prepare properly for the cold weather. Luckily, my professor lent me a hat which helped a lot. I got a few pictures, but I haven't downloaded them from my camera yet. When we were up on the mountain, my professor (Tone is her name) asked me where I learned such great English. So naturally I said the United States, not really thinking about it. So she asked if I studied there. I said yep and told her that that is where I actually was from. She was rather surprised because she though I was from the Czech Republic or something. I though that was kind funny. I must not act like the average American because I have had a lot of people ask me where I was from. Even at Luther! I have had a few people think I am Russian. :)

Today we went to a fair in Seljord called Dyrsku'n. It was pretty fun, but we did get rained on the whole time. I bought some orange-flavored chocolate that was pretty orange in color. I took a picture of it but it is still on my camera. I also bought some chocolate cake to help sooth my sweet tooth since I can't bake here like I can at home. It was a little expensive, but I though that I saved time by just buying it there and then I didn't have to get all the ingredients either.

On my way to the fair, I sat by the bus driver's wife. She was nice enough to tell me about the fair and thought that it was neat that I was from Wisconsin. She said that she had been there before to visit family. (There are a lot of Norwegians that have family in Wisconsin because most that I talk to have been there.) She also told me a little about the sea monster that apparently lives in the lake near Seljord. It is similar to the Lochness Monster right here in Norway!

I am really excited for this next weekend to come too because I am finally getting to go to Bergen! The train tickets were not too expensive which was nice. I am looking so forward to being a tourist there. And I hope that I can pick up some souvenirs too. Well, that's all I can think of at the moment now. I think I might download those pictures quick so you can see a little more of what I see. :)

Hiking Lifjell
A mountain farm

My chocolate cake and orange-flavored chocolate


  1. So is the orange chocolate really that orange?? Or is it just the packaging?

    Jill and I went to River Vally CC today.


  2. it is really that orange. it had no packaging because it was from a chocolate shop :) the had about 7 different flavors. blueberry was okay too. they had like lime, milk, dark and i can't remember the other