Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tough week coming up

Well, this next week will probable be the toughest one that I have had so far. I have classes every day and a Norwegian exam on Tuesday. I am pretty nervous for the exam since it counts as 20% of my final grade. I just hope that it goes well. Not too much has been going on here. The weather is starting to really cool off and I can see snow up in the mountains in the mornings, but it melts of by midday. The rain has not been as frequent and I hope that it stays that way. It is hard to believe that September is almost over already. Time is sure flying, but I still can't wait to get back to Luther. I really miss the people there and it has been hard to make new friends here, but I think it is getting better. It is still really hard to get to know Norwegians, but everyone just says that it is their culture.
There are a couple things that I remembered to blog about this past week that I had to write down so I would remember them. The first would have to be that canned liver that I talked about before. I found out the brand and googled a picture so you all can see what the packaging looks like. Doesn't it make you just want to eat it all day, every day?

The next thing that I found strange here was the advertisements on the internet that come up. Since they know that I am accessing the page from Norway, they have adapted the ads to be more appealing to foreigners. I like seeing all the ads in Norwegian, but I found it surprising how many ads were telling me about how I could get an American Green Card. I understand that they must be a valuable commodity, but I never would have expected ads to try to give them away.

The next one would have to be the cats in this country! They are all so fuzzy. I guess it makes sense since it gets so cold here during the winters, but still. I haven't seen any cats with the shorter hair like the ones at home. All of them have fur that is at least as long as Chester's is. It's just another thing that I never would have though to be so different. :)

O yea, I guess this past weekend we went on a tour of the two churches in Bø. The "Old Church" was built around 1180 and is still standing. This is because it was built of stone and has walls that are a few feet thick. The "New Church" was built in 1875 and lies just a few yards from the old one. This still feels old to me, but apparently not in this area. :)

The "New" Church
The "Old" Church


  1. This week will be over before you know it.

    Haha at the canned liver picture. That poor kid looks happy, maybe he is using his for bait!

    I saw Harriet at the football game, she said she got a nice email from you. :)

    Jim Sastney asked how you were doing.

    Let us know if you need more warm socks or gloves, we could fit them in that box

    Love ya!
    ~ mom

  2. Maybe we should send chester over there to live!

  3. that comment must have been from dad, he calls every fluffy cat "Chester"